Many states require a DUI traffic school or driving school course as part of DUI penalties ordered by a judge during sentencing. In some cases, this education program may be optional to help reduce your penalties, reinstate your license more quickly or remove points from your driving record. In other circumstances, it will be mandatory. Let’s review more about these programs below.

Traffic school and driving school are broad terms that can apply to a variety of driver education programs. For our purposes here, these terms interchangeably describe a driving education program completed as part of the penalties for a drunk driving conviction, either as part of your sentence from the court or to alleviate other penalties. These programs are required after a drunk driving conviction (or possibly another alcohol- or driving-related offense) because the state where you live uses these courses to encourage safer driving behavior in the future and reduce DUI recidivism. Sometimes, DUI traffic school or DUI driving classes are integrated into a larger state-mandated alcohol treatment program, and sometimes they operate as standalone programs.

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