What is SR-22?

SR-22 insurance, also referred to as an SR-22 or a Certificate of Financial Responsibility, is provided by your car insurance company that shows proof that you are carrying the minimum liabilty coverage required by you state. It is a document that is on file with your state.

How long will I needto have an SR-22?

It varies from state to state and remains in effect until your state requirements have been completed. In most states the requirement is to have it for several years.

Do I need SR-22insurance?

Most states will require an SR-22 after a DUI and to reinstate a suspended or revoked license. You will either be notified by the judge at your hearing or get a letter from the department of motor vehicles. Some states will have their own version of SR-22, like FR-44 in FL and VA.

Can I get an SR-22for a different state?

It is common to need an SR-22 for a different state than the one where you live, depending on your DUI arrest specifics.


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What is an ignition interlock device?


An ignition interlock device (IID) integrates breath alcohol testing with your vehicle's ignition system. Prior to starting your vehicle, you will need to submit a breath sample into the hand held portion of the device that tests for the presence of alcohol. Once a passing breath sample is provided, the ignition will be unlocked and the vehicle will start.

What is SR-22 insurance?


SR-22 insurance, also known as an SR-22 or a Certificate of Financial Responsibility, is high-risk insurance for those who have been convicted of a DUI/OWI. It is provided to the department of motor vehicles in order to prove you meet the state's minimum liability requirements.

Will I need to take alcohol education classes?


Depending on your state's requirements, you may need to take alcohol education courses to fulfill your DUI requirements. Our DUICare agents can help you figure out what classes you need and where you can take the classes.

What if I received my DUI in a different state than I live in?


If you received a DUI in a different state than you live in, you will need to check with requirements of the state where the DUI occurred to see what steps need to be taken. Call a DUICare agent to get more detailed information and figure out the next steps you need to take. 

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