DUI Cost Estimates
Court ordered fines $1,000-$1,500
Attorney fees $1,500-$10,000
DMV fees $100-$150
Ignition interlock device $500-$1,500
SR-22 insurance $1,000-$5,000
DUI Classes $250-$500
Towing $100-$300
Bail $100-$200
Estimated total $4,500-$14,000

Factors to consider

  • Specifics surrounding your arrest will ultimately determine the costs incurred. The average financial penalty for 1st offense DUI/OWI lands in the $6,500-$10,000 range. Those averages increase significantly for 2nd, 3rd or higher offenses.
  • Geography is another factor and the state you where you were arrested will factor into the fees and requirements. Regardless of state, the costs will be spread across a number of court-ordered requirements.
  • The severity of your arrest is another key component to the costs of your DUI. A lower BAC (blood alcohol content) level will result in lesser penalties than a BAC that is determined to be extreme. In many states, that line is drawn at .15% BAC. 
  • Another factor that will affect the requirements following a DUI arrest are additional charges. If you are pulled over for a traffic violation, you will likely face the penalty fees for that offense in addition to DUI fees. 
  • Whether you are convicted of all charges or accept a plea for a lesser offense will also determine total financial burden incurred. Often times, pleading down to a lesser charge results in fewer fees. Hiring a lawyer can usually increase your chances for obtaining a plea deal.

Court ordered fines

Anytime an individual comes before the courts there is a fee for that service. DUI cases are no different so expect a cost from the court where you are arraigned. The sum of court costs and court-ordered fees typically range in the $1,000-$1,500 range for first-time DUI offenders.

Jail time and community service contribute to the financial burden experienced by DUI offenders. Though jail time is rare for first-time offenders, community service can range between 20-80 hours. Regardless if the time required is in jail or providing community service, those hours are often taken away from time at work and should be valued as such.

Attorney fees

Hiring attorney representation is optional, but often times recommended. Attorney fees typically range from $1,500-$10,000 for first time DUI offenders. The benefits to hiring an attorney is peace of mind that they will work to reduce your penalties or obtain a plea deal. It’s important to select an experienced DUI defense attorney because it can sometimes help to save your driver’s license and get your charge reduced or even dismissed. Most defense firms employ at least one lawyer who specializes in DUI cases.

DUICare’s partners with highly-experienced attorneys that offer competitive retainer fees. Call us today at (833) 989-1443 to schedule a free consultation with a DUI attorney in your area!

DMV-DOT fees

Similar to court-fees, DMV-DOT requirements following a DUI or OWI arrest come with a cost. A visit to obtain a restricted driver’s or work-permit is typically required shortly after conviction. Once all requirements are fulfilled you will likely need to visit your local DMV or DOT for license re-instatement. Each of these visits will have a price tag in the range of $100-$150 depending on the factors discussed above.

Ignition interlock device

Most states require the installation of an ignition interlock device in order to obtain a restricted driver’s license following DUI or OWI. Interlock costs vary but typically include an installation fee, monthly lease, calibration fees and device removal cost. Installation will range $75-$150, monthly leases from $60-$100, calibration fees from $25-$75 and device removal ranges $50-$100. Total costs for an ignition interlock device will depend on the length of the lease. First time offenders will typically be required to obtain a lease for 6-12 months.

DUICare partners with the largest network of ignition interlock installers in the country. We can help you save money on installation, removal and lease fees. Our provider is one of the few in the industry to offer a bi-weekly payment option for budgeting convenience. Call us today at (833) 989-1443 to schedule your installation at a location convenient for you.

SR-22 or FR-44 insurance

After an arrest for DUI or OWI you will likely be required to obtain high risk auto insurance known as SR-22 or FR-44. Specialized insurance agencies offer this type of policy. The cost for SR-22 or FR-44 is much higher than traditional insurance, usually a premium increase of 50%-150% for an average rated driver. Most policies require a duration of 6-24 months so you can anticipate the additional costs based off those percentages.

DUICare partners with more than 15 SR-22 and FR-44 carriers to help you find rates that are lower than many standard insurance carriers. Call us at (833) 989-1443 to start the quote process.

Alcohol Classes and DUI Schools

Alcohol classes following a DUI or OWI arrest can fall into a number of categories:

  • Alcohol assessment
  • Alcohol classes
  • DUI school
  • DUI weekend
  • Substance abuse evaluation
  • Others

Most states require an alcohol assessment or substance abuse evaluation to determine if the DUI offender requires further assessment. Based off the results from this initial observation you may be required to participate in alcohol classes or DUI/traffic school. These are all designed to improve behavior and promote healthy habits. Costs for these services often range $250-$500.

DUICare can assist you with your assessment and class needs. Call us at (833) 989-1443  to speak with a DUI expert.

Towing and/or vehicle storage

In most incidents, the vehicle pulled over will be towed to a nearby impound. To get the vehicle released will usually range $100-$300 depending on duration of storage.


A cost will be incurred should your arrest require bail. Bail for first-time drunk driving offenders typically ranges $100-$200. If you need help locating a bail bondsmen near you please call us at (833) 989-1443.

Loss of income

As discussed above, the potential for jail time and/or community should be factored into time lost at your job. Following all requirements to get your license back is highly advised to avoid missing time at work.

Potential savings for DUICare clients

Our DUICare experts are here to assist in getting your life back on track following a DUI or OWI. We will work with you to create a personalized plan that will guide the entire process. Part of that is the strategic partnerships we have with providers of the services discussed above. Your DUICare representative will stick by your side, working to help ensure you incur as little costs as possible while making sure to fulfill all court requirements. Contact us today (833) 989-1443 or fill out the farm above to take the first step towards getting your life back to normal!


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